The 2018 APAC Webinar Tour will be running from July 16 until September 7th with the participation of over 20 International Speakers that will be presenting over 50 interesting presentations, making it the largest webinar series ever made in the Oracle world! This year, each session in the tour would be available at 3 different times (One live and two replays), tjis allow all countries in the APAC region to have access to all sessions.

Some of our speakers at the 2017 edition:

  • Connor McDonald - AskTom
  • Tim Gorman - Oracle ACE Director
  • Kai Yu - Oracle ACE Director
  • Lucas Jellema - Oracle ACE Director
  • Charles Kim - Oracle ACE Director
  • Satyendra Pasalapudi - Oracle ACE Director
  • Joel Perez - Oracle ACE Director
  • Debra Lilley - Oracle ACE Director
  • Arup Nanda - Oracle ACE Director
  • Gurcan Orhan - Oracle ACE Director
  • Dan McGhan - Oracle Developer Advocate
  • Biju Thomas - Oracle ACE Director
  • Francisco Munoz Alvarez - Oracle ACE Director
  • Daniel Morgan - Oracle ACE Alumni
  • And many more

The 2017 edition of the Webinar tour was a complete success, here are some of the results:

  • Over 50 Presentations
  • Speakers from 12 different countries
  • 15 Oracle ACE Directors participating
  • Ask Tom and many Oracle Product managers participated
  • 194, 804 views to the videos
  • 445,507 hours of watch time

Call for papers for 2018 edition is now open until April 30th, 2018. So fill the form bellow and submit your papers now.

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